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How I became an accidental cat lover

Almost 2 and half years ago, in the morning of January 16, 2015, I heard strange noises coming from the guest room while I was looking for a fresh pair of socks. I initially thought that a squirrel that I saw loitering around the garden has somehow sneaked inside the house.

Miming with newly born kittens. Kitkat is on the right most.
Miming, the neighborhood stray cat that I have been feeding now and then, gave birth to kittens on the bottom shelf of my book case. Somehow she sneaked her way inside and found a good place to give birth (after moving all the books on the lowest level out of the way). She came in the room by making a hole in my portable air-conditioning's flexible ducting. I gave her some milk and water since I had to rush to work. I was thinking that she would transfer her kittens for sure away from prying eyes. I was quite surprised that they were still where I left them when I came back from work in the afternoon.

Sadly, a lot of things happened in the next few days. Miming looked steadily weaker and a white tom cat broke into the house (using the same torn ducting) and was able to kill 2 of the kittens before I could stop him. I heard some commotion from the next room and decided to investigate. There was a white male cat staring at them and Miming was hissing and baring her fangs and lunging at the male cat. She doesn't seem to be too happy with him there and does not want him near the kittens. I don't really understand what's going on but I decided to chase the male cat out of the house. Coming back in the room I discovered 2 of the kittens already dead. Some of my friends told me that some tom cats kill kittens so that the mother cat can mate with them. I also suspect that this is the father of the kittens. I buried the kittens in the backyard with the help of a friend. I then blocked all the possible entrances and just kept an eye if she wants to go out (I am assuming she is doing "her business" outside since she is not exactly litter trained).

Kitkat's infanticidal father :'(
A few days later however, Miming did not come back and I was left to take care of the lone surviving kitten on my own.

I have posted this story at the time in G+ and am very thankful for all the advice. You can see the original thread here:

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