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Kitkat's first visit to the Vet

A few weeks later, I asked a couple of my friends to accompany me and Kitkat for his first visit to the Vet. Kitkat didn't have a cat carrier yet so I brought him in an induction cooktop box. The Segar Veterinary Hospital in Kuala Lumpur was a fairly busy place and parking can be a challenge but the staff was friendly enough. The veterinarian checked Kitkat for parasites and told us to return after he has grown a little bigger when he will be old enough to get his shots. The area is a pet-lovers paradise with a lot of shops selling pet supplies. We went home with some toys and a cat cushion that he still uses to this day.

Kitkat's fist visit to the Vet was inside a makeshift cat carrier
As mentioned previously, I still thought of Kitkat as female and even the veterinarian wasn't so sure. He was able to meet my friends' cats named Casper and Scruffy but he was not allowed to interact with them yet as we were being cautious.

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